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FIND VEGGIE is a place that connects people to vegetables grown by farmers, and the chefs minds who create exquisite dishes using them.

There are various diets including vegan, organic and flexitarian, all of which are respected and can be adapted freely into ones life. From health perspectives, concerns of animal welfare and the environment, and sustainability, there are many reasons why more people are choosing to change their diets and the presence of vegetables in our food culture has increased in the recent years.

There are two main things that contribute to the variety of flavors and shapes of vegetables.
The first is the soil and the climate. Japan is long from the north to the south axis and is largely covered in forests and mountains. Therefore the climate, topography and the soil are all different due to the directions of the wind, the amount of rainfall and the length of the rivers that flow through the land.The second is the flexibility of the farmer based on these differences. The importance of the way the farmer accepts nature as it is and trusts his experience and senses and the attitude towards the soil that produces their vegetables despite ongoing problems of global warming and air pollution.

In the past, palace carpenters used trees that grew on the south of the mountains to build the south side of the building and trees that grew on the north for the north side. They believed that the different plants, flowers, insects and birds that live around the trees all affected the trees and the soil where they grew and therefore respected and utilized them to the best of their abilities.

The same spirit has been passed down to the chefs that FIND VEGGIE has encountered. The appreciation of the vegetables they have infront of them and their continuing effort to cook is based from the respect they have for nature and agriculture.

FIND VEGGIE weaves together the thoughts of the vegetables, the farmers and the culinary geniuses behind the dishes that use the vegetables.

FIND VEGGIE introduce shops with following categories.

Shops that have a vegan menu.
Shops that have a vegetarian menu.
(Vegan Option)
Shops that offer vegan options when requested.
(Vegetarian Option)
Shops that offer a vegetarian option when requested.
Shops that use organic ingredients.
(Local Production for Local consumption)
Restaurants that can trace the origin of their ingredients.

(Japanese shop)
Shops that mainly serve Japanese cuisine.
A restaurant that offers a flexible selection of vegetables from menu.