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Privacy Policy


“FIND VEGGIE (” (hereinafter referred to as “This Website”) stipulated the following Privacy Policy in terms of handling of personal information of customers who use This Website (hereinafter referred to as “Users”).

<1. Compliance with Acquisition of Personal Information>

  1. 1. This Website may acquire personal information within the scope necessary for administrative operation or from those who post advertisement on This Website (hereinafter referred to as “advertisers”).
  2. 2. This Website shall never use personal information that it required beyond the scope necessary to attain the purposes of use that are specified below except for the case when it is required by laws or consent of the users themselves are obtained.
    • * Management, control and continuation of This Website
    • * Notification and announcement of the services
    • * Sending of the mail magazine
    • * Dealing with orders and delivery of products
    • * Prevention and measures for violation against Terms of Use and wrongdoing

<2. Handling of Personal Information>

This Website shall not provide a third party with personal information acquired upon consent of users and advertisers without prior consent from the contract sighing party except when it is required by laws. In addition, when disclosure, correction, omission or stop of use of personal information of users or advertisers are required by a contract signing party, This Website shall deal with it swiftly within the reasonable scope.

This Website shall make every effort to take necessary and safety measures in order to carefully manage personal information provided by users and advertisers and prevent illegal access to personal information, loss, breakage, alteration and leak etc. of personal information.

This Website uses Cookie. Cookie is information stored in a browser when you access a website and doesn’t include personal information such as your name and e-mail address.
This Website may use Cookie in order to effectively send advertisement to a person who accessed This Website and perform traffic analyses. You can set the browser so that Cookie is invalid.

<3. Review of Privacy Policy>

This Website may review the Privacy Policy and revise a part or all of it as needed.