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For the use of the website “FIND VEGGIE (” (hereinafter referred to as “This Website) we’ve stipulated the following Terms of Service. Please use This Website upon consent of these conditions below.

  • 1. The copyright of information posted on This Website (all the information such as photographs, illustrations, characters, images etc.) (hereinafter referred to as “contents” and other intellectual property rights belong to This Website and justifiable right holders such as contents providers.
  • 2.A part or all of the contents are prohibited to be used for copy, transcription, alteration and other secondary purposes in any way and any format without prior permission from an intellectual property right holder listed in the preceding paragraph.

This Website conducts change, addition, suspension or stop of a part or all of This Website without prior notification to and permission from users in the following cases where:

  • 1. maintenance is necessary due to the system trouble or for other reasons;
  • are not provided from the first-class (telecommunications companies and others) and second-class telecommunications carriers (providers and others);
  • cannot be provided because fire, power outage and extraordinary natural phenomena such as an earthquake, eruption, flood, tidal waves etc. happen;
  • cannot be provided because of man-made disasters such as wars, riots, turmoil, labor disputes etc., and
  • 5.This Website judges that it is necessary.

In using This Website, users shall not conduct any of the following acts. In case the violation against it causes damage to managers/operators of This Website or a third party, such user shall be liable for all the damages.

  • 1.Any actions against the “Terms of Service” and This Website, any actions to violate against laws and regulations, any actions to violate public policy and any actions that may violate against those above;
  • 2.Any actions that may affect management and control of This Website;
  • 3. Any actions that disgrace the credit of This Website;
  • 4. Any actions that develop, manufacture, sell or permit the use of the same or similar websites with This Website;
  • 5. Any actions that violate or may violate intellectual property rights and other copyrights, portrait rights, moral rights, privacy rights, publicity rights and others in This Website and the contents;
  • 6. Any actions that slander, defame and damage reputation of This Website and its advertisers, and
  • 7. Any actions that give or may give troubles, disadvantages and damages to This Website and its advertisers:

  • 1. The Website shall make no guarantees whatsoever regarding the usefulness, completeness or accuracy of the information in This Website. This Website shall never take any responsibilities for user’s failure to use This Website or damages caused by the use of information collected from This Website.
  • 2. This Website shall never take any responsibilities for damages caused in such user’s computer, information terminals, circuits, software and others by using a third party’s website through This Website.
  • 3. This Website shall never take any responsibilities for its delay, change, stop, suspension, termination in terms of This Website or loss of contents provided through This Website.